Backend Engineer (PHP / Node)

About us:

We help global technical startups all around the world to succeed in their rapid growth stages, by providing technical, product and business development expertise. Our ultimate goal is to build long-term strategic partnerships with technical companies and help them to choose and adopt the right technologies, manage their implementation and avoid trial-failure approaches while moving their business to the next level.

Our clients:

We are working with customers all around the world, from Kuwait, UAE and Qatar, to Germany, Czechia, United Kingdom or United States. Our clients are typically startups or technical companies in rapid growth stages who need to effectively scale-up their business on all levels, from technical to managerial point of view. Our clients come from a wide range of industries, such as online multimedia, automotive, sustainability or fintech.

About our tech stack:

  • Our systems are based on microservice architecture following all best practices and industry standards
  • Our backends are built using PHP 7+ with Symfony 5 or Node.js using TypeScript, Express, Nest,js and Serverless framework
  • We’re running our services in AWS (EC2, ECS or Lambda), GCP or self-hosted Kubernetes clusters
  • Our backend services uses GraphQL and REST API, federated into gateways for communication with frontends and third parties
  • We use OAuth2 + OpenID Connect to secure our services
  • We store data in SQL, MongoDB, ElasticSearch and Firebase
  • We use SQS, RabbitMQ and similar technologies for queues and messaging

We are also using:

  • React, Vue and Svelte on our frontends
  • GoLang
  • Serverless architecture in specific cases
  • Apollo server, AWS AppSync
  • Terraform
  • Cypress
  • PHPStan, PHPUnit, Chai, Mocha

About you:

  • You have 3+ years of experience with building RESTful services in PHP or/and Node.js and respective frameworks (Symfony, Laravel, Express)
  • You are familiar with unit testing, clean code and software engineering principles and practices
  • You have experience with working in agile (SCRUM) teams
  • If you have experience with any other technology or stack (i.e. React, Java, Go, Kotlin or .NET) it is an advantage
  • You can communicate in English on daily basis

Perks and Benefits:

  • At DEVIX we know that the most crucial part of our business is the connection between projects and people. That’s why you can always choose from the projects and teams, so it will perfectly match your preferences and aspirations.
  • No mandatory office hours – the job can be done 100% remotely
  • Education and mentoring budget for any technology that interests you
  • Opportunity to travel
  • Hardware & home office budget
  • Car sharing
  • Personal coach