Professional development teams, quickly and easily

What we do

DEVIX Technologies, s.r.o. was created in 2015 as a product of long-term cooperation of a group of freelance developers. Our work at that time involved applying our technical knowledge from American start-up companies to Czech ones. With the increasing development of technology, this work later expanded to encompass the banking sector and foreign clientele.

The main aim of our company is to provide programming, consulting and lecturing services in the field of on-line technologies and the outsourcing of expert programming teams. Our customers are prominent companies in the Czech Republic and abroad. companies based in the Czech Republic as well as abroad.

We also successfully export our services to the Persian Gulf area (Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates) where our clientele consists of companies owned by members of the royal families, who use our services to implement individual projects as well as to disseminate know-how. Our experts have repeatedly
lectured at Kuwait National University.


How we work

Our developers are organized into five-member teams. The teams are set up based on the needs of the given project client so that their professional capacity meets current requirements. You can find both full-stack teams as well as teams focused on a specific area of ​​development.

Apart from exceptional cases (consultancy services advice), we always allocate whole teams with a team leader to our client. The team leader is always an experienced developer who ensures that work is done smoothly and resolves all the necessary micromanagement within the team. All programmers are knowledgeable in SCRUM methodology. Based on the client’s request, the administration can either be entrusted to
the team leader or to the clients internal staff.

Our teams are primarily set up for remote cooperation and all suitable measures are taken. From experience, however, we know that full 100% cooperation at a distance does not work well. Therefore, our teams are physically present at the beginning of the collaboration, and after all processes have stabilized, communications are set up and the scope of the project is clearly defined, remote collaboration takes place while still maintaining a satisfactory degree of personal contact with the client. We have found that the optimum frequency for physical meetings between our programmers and the client is 1 to 2 days a week or for 1 week a month.

Each of our programmers usually has some other technical skill in addition to their technical knowledge. Among our developers, you will find people with knowledge of accounting, copyright, IoT, GDPR, bank and non-bank loans, financial markets, multimedia transmissions, artificial intelligence, etc. Learning and acquiring new skills is a high priority for us, and the diversity of knowledge in DEVIX Technologies is an integral part of our corporate culture.

Development of mobile and native applications

Design of GUI
iOS (Swift)
AppleTV Apps
Android (Kotlin)
React Native

Front-end development

Design of GUI
React / REDUX
Angular 2+

Back-end development

(Nette, Symfony, Laravel)

Infrastructure Automation

Design and management of Kubernetes clusters
Cloud service monitoring
Amazon Web Services Management & Consulting
Docker, RKT
IAC (Terraform, Ansible)
Design and implementation of CI / CD pipelines
Monitoring HA Kubernetes clusters (Prometheus)

Micro-service architecture

Training for developers and administrators
Revision and optimization of applications for
running in a micro-service environment
Authentication mechanisms
Professional counselling
Design and implementation of operational infrastructure


The long-term cooperation of several senior freelance developers, with experience from both Czech and world startups, led by Petr Konůpek, resulted in the founding of DEVIX Technologies, s.r.o.


Our company is rapidly gaining popularity, especially in the Czech financial and fintech sectors. We help implement banking systems, cloud accounting and various advanced elements of web front-ends. DEVIX’s continuous growth results in a new organizational structure, dividing the company into teams of five members or fewer, headed by a responsible team leader.


We are beginning to gain our first US clients. This presents a huge challenge on an organizational and technological level. We apply the know-how gained from the American market to our domestic market in the Czech Republic. This year, we also successfully captured the IT market in the Middle East and expanded into Kuwait and Qatar. Our turnover grew year-on-year almost six-fold.


We are further expanding, especially in the Middle East in the Persian Gulf region, which is the market we focus on the most. We also get domestic orders in the Czech Republic, and for two e-commerce leaders at once! We help our Czech customers with digital transformations and transitioning to micro-service architecture, using our experience gained from the US market.